Color Wheel

Product Technology

Comprised of a DC motor and several fan-size color filters, color wheel can produce different primary color of RGBCYM.

Production Application

Different projection system (DLP) and other optical sytem.

Product Specification

Motor TypeDC brushless motors of Ball, URD or ADB
Outer diameter35~65mm color ring load size
Color Segment3,4,5,6,7,8 sequential
Ratational SpeedCustom- made for 2x(7200), 2.5x(9000), 3x(10800) & 4x(14400)
Ambient TemperatureOperate up to 85ºC
MTTFL1 27,000hrs@7200 rpm ~ 20,000hrs@10,800 rpm
Other* BrilliantColor™ Technology
* DVE color to enhance deep gray color level 
* Patented 1-plane & 2-plane unbalancing technique
* Flexible dichroic coating to match customized color
* Precise round-out and filter plane flatness management 
* Superior noise performance with refined assy. jig & handling

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