Mobile Projection

Young Optics profession in pico projector development and provide pico projector total solution to customers through miniaturized optical components, integrated solid-state illumination system, and enhanced efficiency light engine. Young Optics lead the pico projection market to provide the first DLP pico projector globally in 2008, winning the award of Top 10 gadget of Time Magazine and Outstanding Optoelectronic Product of Taiwan.

Pico projector module can be standalone projection system to connect with mobile phone, DSC, DV, NB, net-book, DVD player etc, providing seamless display experience to users.

Pico projector module can also be an option of embedded solution, with extremely small space and power consumption requirements, allowing "See Big, Carry Small" experience.


Young Optics cooperates with different industries to provide highly customized pico projector solution and a easy convenient lifestyle to all.

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