Corporate Governance Execution

In our company, the Accounting Director acting as the convener is responsible for, collectively with staff in financial sector, administrations related to corporate governance, including issues such as providing Directors with information required for professional practices, dealing with related matters in organizing meetings and preparing minutes for Board of Directors and Shareholders Meeting in accordance with regulations, continuing education programs for Directors, purchase of liability insurance for Directors and managerial staff, coordinating the implementation of corporate social responsibility and administration for investor relations. Implementation progress is described as follows:


Assisting Directors to Conduct Professional Practices, Providing Necessary Information, and Arranging Refresher Courses 

  • Irregularly inform members of the Board of Directors of the updated amendment on laws and regulations related to company’s operation domains and corporate governance.
  • Provide corporate information required by Directors, maintaining unhindered communication and interaction among Directors and supervisors in various management levels. 
  • Arrange regular communication for independent Directors with the supervisor of internal audit or certified public accountant to understand financial and sales affairs.
  • Arrange annual continuing education programs for Directors based on the updated current regulations.


Ensure Each Functional Committees, the Board of Directors and Shareholders Meeting Procedures are Legal Compliance

  • Organize various meeting procedures, informing Directors of the meeting seven days prior to the date and providing information and issues related to the meeting, prior reminding is required for any necessary avoidance of interests, providing minutes of various meetings within twenty days of the meeting. 
  • Provide Directors with assistance and reminder of regulations to be complied in practice implementation or making official resolutions of the Board of Directors.
  • Responsible for the administration in announcement of material information for important resolution of the Board of Directors, ensuring the legality and accuracy of the content in material information.
  • Deal with prior registration before the date of shareholders meeting based on regulations, preparing relevant documents including meeting notice, shareholders meeting manual, minutes and annual report within legal time limit for investors' reference.


Investor Relations Management

  • Interaction and communication with investors through half-year on-line investor conference and annual shareholders meeting.

    Irregularly update corporate website of the company, enabling investors to understand relevant information in finance and sales of the company, as well as corporate governance, protecting investors interests.