Global Gathering

Multinational Young Optics A Bridge to the World - Globalization

In Young Optics, o Opportunities for you to working with our customers and outstanding team partners from various countries are always available here . Besides the headquarters in Hsinchu, Taiwan, we also established operation bases located in KunShan and Suzhou China, Bangladesh, Japan and Germany. You have plenty of opportunities to meet partners from different countries and work with them which makes a major difference from an ordinary overseas travelling: you are able to experience distinctive cultural aspects through long-term interaction on the job, further building up profounder connections with the world.

Shaping Joyful Sense of Study

Co-constructing Learning Path

Learning ability has been the characteristic we emphasized in Young Optics, training maps in specific job grades are available for all employees in Young Optics, you will never be forced to complete these courses within a certain time period. We provide a dual-ladder development path in management and techniques with a comprehensive and transparent assessment scheme for promotion and performance, your brilliance will never be neglected. The progress in your capability represents the promise to your promotion.

Offering Needs to Staying Healthy

Various Ways to Take Care Your Health

We acknowledge: health is the basis for everything, healthy employees are prosperous assets of the Company. Physical fitness courses are available for all employees on every Wednesday, including muscular strength training, Zumba fitness, and qigong. If you are late for the class, you may also invite some colleagues for fitness off duty in the on-site gym, or join the splendid exercise clubs such as basketball club, yoga club, badminton club, and hiking club to keep yourself healthy and vital.

All Happiness and Vitality

Warmness in Young Optics Taping Your Joyful Side With Love - A Superb ,Warm and Cozy Place

In Young Optics as a big family, we establish a little farm for our employees to plant flowers and vegetables after work. We have experienced several times of plentiful harvest for crown daisy, sharing together various crown daisy dishes and folk remedies within groups of this big family. Such sweet memories from cultivation and harvest are exactly representing the touching warmness in Young Optics.