Young Optics
Pioneer in Achieving Intelligent Optics

In Young Optics,
We Takes on Addiction of Striving for Human Beaftiful Life

With the vision of “present the boundless charm of optical technology for humanity”, Young Optics strives to the enhancement and innovation in professional domains. We are eager to start with preparation at all times, persisting in the achievement for “mission of acquiring healthy, safe and happy life” through optical strengths for human.
Young Optics enables the application of optical technology in various high-end technology products, providing new values for human development, continuously presenting people with various amazing enjoyments in optical technology. With the specialty in optical technology, we expect :

◥ to enable recording beauty of the boundless universe to become easily accessible;
◥ leading the expanded vision for humanity, assisting in human exploration to the microcosmos;
◥ extending people’s experience in vision, hearing and tactile sense.

We are Best
to Realize Your Career

Talents in various manufacturing processes and domains are included in our professional team, we comprehensively acquire techniques in areas such as design, manufacturing and assembly for optical lens, lens system, module, equipment and molding. Moreover, Young Optics has been one of the few brands in the world simultaneously acquiring molding glass production and equipment manufacturing. The dimensional tolerance of internal grinding and external grinding in our mold machining has remarkably reached <0.8 um of the landmark in acquiring process capability.

Young Optics vertically integrates capabilities of optical process, comprehensively providing customized total-solution services based on various optical requirements, minimizing the operational complexity of business partners, collectively creating innovative values in achieving dreaming.

We Pose a Spectacular
Threat to Any Hopelessness

Optics is not only a basic science, but also a technical science. As a technical science, optics is applied among human productive activities, enabling people to broaden the experience in vision, hearing and tactile sense.

Young Optics gets a foothold on top of leading position in optical industry, continuously developing innovative optical products applied in areas such as daily life, mobile projection, smart monitoring, computer vision, machine vision and face/object identification. Furthermore, we also continuously research and develop in domains of innovative application including AR, VR, in-vehicle application and unmanned convenience store which bring more diversity to the world.

We Can't Rule the World
but Could Craft It More Believable。

Young Optics focuses in polishing every technical segment, effectively performing the optimized value transformation. We make meaningful and valuable connecting among individual optical technology through scientific approaches to create more products enriching human life, enabling embracing the world to become human routines."