We commit to advocate Sustainable Operation and Corporate Governance


Young Optics stipulated the “Corporate Social Responsibility Best Practice Principles” and established the Management Committee for Corporate Social Responsibility in which the Present acting as Committee Chair, and the highest level of commissioners in various business units as Committee Members. The Committee periodically submits annual reports on the implementation to the Board of Directors, the Corporate Service Department is assigned as the responsible sector for exercising corporate social responsibility, making overall coordination and planning for affairs related to corporate social responsibility.


Educational training of social responsibility is performed upon new employee orientation, promoting through various meetings the operational philosophy and corporate social responsibility of Young Optics.


We commit to advocate Environmental Protection and Safety, as well as Green Products.
Environmental Protection


Young Optics acquired the certification of ISO 14001 for the environmental management system and QC 080000 for hazardous materials management , performing environmental management using systematic approaches to achieve the goals in sustainable operation.


The greenhouse gas emission in Hsinchu factory floor inspected in 2019 and 2018 were 1.563 and 45.663 kt CO2e/year, respectively; with indirect greenhouse gas emission of 13,977.87 and 10,680.59 kt CO2e/year, respectively. The emission is closely monitored through greenhouse gas inspection to increase efficiency of energy utilization and decrease greenhouse gas emission, expecting to achieve the management goal in annual reduction of 3%.


Promote energy conservation measures such as program of ridesharing for work, rational use of videotelephony conference, encouraging employees to frequently take the stairs, restricted use of elevators during off-peak hours, energy saving setting for PC, controlled temperatures for office air conditioning, turning off office lighting for 1 hour during noon break, holiday/night energy conservation measures, promoting paperless office, waste classification and resource recycling, etc.


Stipulate the “Operating Procedure for Supplier Management” and “Promotional Guide for Environmental Policy”, promoting to all suppliers the company’s environmental policy and environmental commitment with annual supplier assessment. In case of significant impact on environment or society, the qualified supplier may be dismissed based on internal regulations for supplier management of the company.

Green Products


Products of Young Optics comply with international requirements in environmental protection, with green design, manufacture, procurement and green management system, we prevent and minimize the negative effects of corporate activities to environment, reducing the impacts of electronic products on the Earth environment.


With regard to manufacturing process, we pursue the optimal efficiency in use of raw materials and resources to save the consumption. In products, we acquired the certification of QC 080000 for Hazardous Substance Process Management System and comply with international green product standards, engaging in R&D and design for low-energy consumption products to minimize the loads and impacts on the environment.


We commit to Employee Care and Public Welfare
Employee Care


Staff suggestions box, complaint channels for sexual harassment and resolution systems are available in the company to manage employee’s complaint cases.


Designated personnel for occupational safety and health are equipped and medical room are established to strive in protecting the safety of operating environment in factory floor, providing relevant medical assistance. First-aid personnel in certain proportion based on the number of employees are allocated with first-aid training courses organized annually; periodically organize staff health examination and various health workshops and events; provide free-of-charge personal consulting services in mentality, legal affairs, healthcare and financial management, assisting and caring about the setbacks and problems employees and their family dependents faced; as well as establish various exercise-based clubs such as Basketball Club, Yoga Club, Badminton Club, Volleyball Club, and Outdoor Activity Club, assisting the employees to develop habits of regular exercise.


Summarized measures for working environment and staffs’ safety protection are as follows :

Goal / Project Management / Implementation Details
Access Security
  1. Strict access monitoring system operated 24 hours a day.
  2. Security service personnel equipped to protect employees’ safety 24 hours a day including holidays.
Disaster Prevention and Contingency Measures
  1. Periodically organize the annual evacuation drill of entire factory floor and training for the civil defense regiment, reinforcing disaster and crisis management and enhancing employees’ capability in emergency management.
  2. Organize the Emergency Response Team (ERT) and training, developing proper conception to build up comprehensive contingency management system for disasters through effective mobilization and connection, strengthening the functions in disaster prevention and rescue to achieve the goals in protecting employees’ life and property, as well as corporate sustainable operation.
  3. With on-the-job training and new employee training for hazard communication of environmental safety, strengthen the knowledge of all staff in chemical hazards, establishing chemical management system to achieve the goal in the prevention of chemical disaster.
  4. Irregularly make public announcements related to environmental health and safety, providing information and courses related to environmental health and safety, promoting the importance of safety among employees with examples to reinforce the occupational safety consciousness.
Physiological Health
  1. Health examination: periodically organize health examination for employees, monthly arranging on-site services provided by physicians with specialty in occupational illness in the factory to offer employees with consultation service on health-related problems.
  2. Workplace hygiene: irregularly organize special health lectures, regularly performing office cleaning and disinfecting.
  3. With work observation, supervise and correct working postures, adjusting the height for tables and chairs to conform with ergonomics, avoiding ergonomic hazards.
  4. Implement maternity protection measures, facilitating physical and mental health for female employees in pregnancy and within one year after childbirth.
  5. Implement the preventive measures for diseases caused by exceptional workload to prevent employees from the illness caused by shifts, evening shift job, prolonged working hours and other exceptional workloads.
  6. Stipulate regulations governing the preventive programs for workplace unlawful infringement prevention, establishing the regulative scope for the behaviors of all employees to achieve the goals in measures of prevention and management for workplace violence.
Psychological Health Hire counseling psychologists to provide professional counseling weekly, enabling employees to acquire spiritual support and accompanying, finding out possible approaches in facing problems and personal growth which further converts to the energy for the job and life.
Insurance Insure labor insurance and health insurance complying with regulations, additionally providing employees with group insurance and referential-rate group insurance for their family dependents.
Public Charity


We cooperated with local farmers in Zhudong and held a banquet which is full of Taiwanese cultures to stimulate the local economy at the intersection of Xiayuanshan Rd. and Gongdao 5th Rd. in Zhudong Township.


From the place of origin to the dining table: There were almost 1,300 people including our staff and their family in this banquet. We spent about NT$511 thousand dollars to hold 125 tables of Hakka cuisine which ingredients were from Zhudong and it was the highest number of tables on record in Zhudong.


Supporting the local farmers: We spent NT$152 thousand dollars buying 2,422 coupons which were used to purchase the local produce. We also spent NT$17 thousand dollars buying 8 bags of organic rice and pickles as gifts to our staff.


Being around lands, walking in nature, and reminiscing the childhood: We bought a field of sweet potato and a vegetable garden for our staff and their family to pick produce by themselves. We also held the earth oven cooking at that time. It totally cost about NT$172 thousand dollars.


Rolling up your sleeves and donating your blood: We cooperated with HsinChu Blood Center to donate blood. We totally donated 273 bags of blood in 2019.