Ethics and Integrity in Business

We are committed to practicing business ethics and establishing a corporate culture of integrity, requiring our directors, managers and employees to adhere to the principle of integrity in all business interactions, and the human resources unit is responsible for promoting integrity in the company. We require our directors, managers, and employees to adhere to the principle of integrity in all business interactions, and our human resources unit is responsible for promoting integrity in the company.

In order to promote the core values of corporate integrity and honesty and to implement internal control and internal audit mechanisms, the Company has established the "Code of Business Integrity", "Guidelines on Business Integrity Procedures and Behaviors", and the "Regulations on Avoidance of Benefits from Suppliers" as the basis for ethical and honesty compliance by all members and suppliers, and has also set up procedures for the handling of complaints under the reporting system of the "Code of Business Integrity", as well as provisions on the confidentiality of the identity of the complainant and the content of the complaint, and has set up dedicated mailboxes for complaints by all stakeholders to ensure that the Company and all stakeholders have the right and interest in the matter.

Integrity in Business

Report regularly to the Board of Directors on an annual basis on the status of implementation

The Employment Agreement contains a Code of Conduct for Employees, and the Principles of Integrity are included as a key item in the training program for new recruits, in order to build up the correct concepts and awareness of employees.
Regularly educate all employees on the principles of ethical management.
Employees are assigned to participate in external training programs.

At the end of September 112, we completed the annual integrity management training for supervisors, with a total of 80 attendees.
In Dec.2023, we completed an online course on integrity management and insider trading prevention (in English and Chinese, approximately 1 hour in length) for employees (including current managers and division-level executives and above) between our Taiwan plants, with a total of 452 people (100% of the trainees) attending and passing the course evaluation, in order to reiterate that we are committed to the practice of business ethics, and that we require that our directors, managers, and employees should take integrity as the principle, and implement it in all business interactions. In addition, it also explains the types of insider trading, regulations, and penalties, reminding all employees to pay due attention when performing their duties.

In FY112, 147 new suppliers were added to the list (137 suppliers obtained the integrity commitment certificate, and the remaining 10 suppliers complied with internal regulations and were exempted from attaching the integrity commitment certificate).

In FY112, we did not receive any complaints through the ethics contact mailbox at, stakeholder communication channels at,, employees@, or the internal employee suggestion box. We did not receive any letters or documents for reporting.

In FY112, the Internal Audit Unit reviewed employment contracts, rules and regulations, external documents, the Company's website, supplier evaluation information, internal control system, education and training, evaluation, and the operation process of the disciplinary and complaint system and submitted an audit report to the Board of Directors.