Ethics and Integrity In Business

The Company strives to act on business ethics and establish the corporate culture of integrity in operations, the Directors, managerial officers and employees are required to act on integrity, certainly implementing in all interactive activities of business, and the human resources sector is responsible for promoting integrity in corporate management practices. Besides the “Code of Ethical Corporate Management Best Practice” , “Guidebooks of Ethical Corporate Management Best Practice” and “Regulation Governing Avoidance of Conflicts of Interest in Suppliers” stipulated as a basis of ethics and integrity for all staff and suppliers, under the item of Whistleblowing System in the “Code of Ethical Corporate Management Best Practice”, the management procedure for whistleblowing cases, as well as regulations related to the confidentiality of the identity of whistle-blowers and the content of reported cases are stipulated accordingly, dedicated whistleblowing mailboxes for various stakeholders are also available to secure the interests of the company and all stakeholders.

Ethics and Integrity in Action

Accompishment submitting to the Board of Directors Annually.

The human resources division is responsible for the establishment and implementation for the Ethical Corporate Management policy. The Code of Ethical Corporate Management Best Practice is listed in the employment contracts and the educational training of the new employees. In 2020, there are 89 new employees and the total training time is 356 hours. In addition to the regular promotion, we also assign our staff to particular the related educational training to prevent any dishonest behaviors.
Stipulate effective accounting systems and internal control systems, reviewing at any time to secure the persistent effectiveness for design and implementation of the systems. Internal auditors annually inspect including the ethical corporate management, then prepare auditing reports and periodically submit to the Board of Directors.
The company and suppliers in transaction are required to comply with“Regulation Governing Avoidance of Conflicts of Interest in Suppliers”, requesting the suppliers to sign the “Supplier Honesty and Integrity Agreement” before transactions, urging the employees to avoid acceptance of illegal benefits and unreasonable presents or hospitality, or acceptance of bribes, embezzling public funds or any other illegal benefits. Moreover, reinforce the promotion among all staff to uphold high self-discipline, on motions or matters associating with personal advantages that leads to harm to the company’s interests, stating opinions and answering inquiries are acceptable but participating in discussion or voting are not allowed, and avoidance measures should be taken during discussion and voting.