• In order to prevent the Company employee or insiders from mistakenly or intentionally violating the insider trading regulations due to the lack of understanding of the laws and regulations, which may cause the Company or insiders to proliferate in lawsuits and jeopardize our reputation, we have formulated the "Regulations for the Prevention of Insider Trading" to be followed. To specify the internal mechanism for handling and disclosure of material information, to avoid improper leakage of information and to ensure the consistency and correctness of the information published by the Company to the outside world.
  • In 2023, Mr. Wang participated in the "FY112 Annual Insider Trading Prevention Advocacy Conference" organized by the Securities and Futures Market Development Foundation of the Republic of China (ROC), which included the analysis of insider trading laws and regulations, common doubts about insider trading supervision and practices, and the discussion of internal control and insider trading prevention and common deficiencies. The "112th Annual Insider Equity Transaction Compliance Advocacy Seminar" includes explanations of insider equity movement regulations and reporting practices, notes on notification of acquisition of shares under item 1 of the Securities and Exchange Act 43-1, analysis of insider short-term trading regulations and doubts, insider trading regulations and prevention practices, etc., in order to implement the advocacy of insider trading prevention.
  • In the quarterly mailings of the Board of Directors' Handbook, directors are reminded of the provisions of Article 10 of the Code of Corporate Governance Practices, which stipulates that listed companies should emphasize the right of shareholders to know and prevent insider trading, and prohibits insiders from trading in securities by using undisclosed information in the market. The aforementioned regulation includes measures to control stock trading by insiders of listed companies from the date they become aware of the contents of the company's financial reports or related results, including (but not limited to) a closed period in which directors are prohibited from trading in their shares during the 30 days prior to the announcement of the annual financial report and the 15 days prior to the announcement of the quarterly financial report.