Young Optics Pursues Sustainable Growth Together with All Stakeholders,

Young Optics pursues sustainable growth together with all stakeholders, we expect to understand stakeholders' expectation by means of proper interaction and communication among stakeholders, enabling the company to conquer the challenges in economic, social and environmental aspects, creating more values for the company and social economy

Communication Channels for Stakeholders

Stakeholders Concerned Issues Communication Channels
  • Compensation System
  • Talent Development / Training
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • HR Mailbox(Ms. Lin) :
  • Management and Labor Council
  • Online questionnaire open for critical topics
  • Corporate ERP System - welfare committee zone
  • Corporate ERP System– Heart-to-heart talk with the President
  • Employee Welfare Committee
  • New employee training
  • Operation Performance
  • Corporate Governance
  • Innovative Research & Development
  • Contact email (Ms. Chang) :
  • Spokesperson and Deputy Spokesperson:+8863 620-6789
  • Market Observation Post System
  • Corporate website
  • Shareholders meeting/Investor conference
  • Quarterly financial statement and annual report
  • Economic Performance
  • Green Product
  • Contact email :
  • Video Conference, telephone, email, personal visiting customers
  • Domestic and overseas exhibition Participation
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Contact email :
  • Video Conference, telephone, email
  • Dedicated procurement and supplier management Division
  • Green product management system (GPMS)
  • Quarterly / annual supplier auditing
Local Communities
  • Waste Treatment
  • Community Activities Participation
  • CSR Mail box (Ms. Lin) :
  • Organize corporate visits
  • Organize various events of social care and public charities
Non-govern-mental Organization ; NGO
  • Public Charity Promotion
  • CSR Mailbox (Ms. Lin) :
  • Organize corporate visits
  • Organize various events of social care and public charity
  • Labor Relations
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Waste Treatment
  • CSR Mailbox (Ms. Lin) :
  • Management and Labor Council
  • regulations public hearing, relevant workshop, course, forum and lecture participation