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Exquisite Technology in Young Optics

Young Optics engages in long-term development for various exquisite technologies, including molding precise processing, techniques in precise optics grind/polishing/shaping/coating and even micro lens assembly and precise aspheric measuring technique, which has been unceasingly transcended aspects of Young Optics as the most reliable stepping-stone for our customers in high-end technology application.


Quality Optical Products Manufacture in Asia

Young Optics is one of the global pioneering companies in integrated optics design and manufacture, providing various quality optics products, primarily including optical components, optical engine and optics modules. Furthermore, we also endeavor to mold processing, metal processing and manufacture for single-lens head mounted display (HMD) systems. We make every effort to assist our customers in exploring the blue ocean for novel products.

YoungOptics Product
YoungOptics Product

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Young Optics Makes the Vision Forever Brilliant

Young Optics was established in Hsinchu Science Park in 2002 and acquired Gre Tai Securities Market (GTSM) IPO filing successfully (stock code 3504) in 2007. We have major manufacturing sites and operation bases located in Hsinchu Taiwan, Japan, KunShan and Suzhou China, and Bangladesh, which becomes a sturdy integrated optics industry chain. We look forward to your participation in perceiving the world of visible and invisible lights, as well as experiencing the optical magic involving wave optics, geometric optics, human vision and visual perception, even the technology innovation for changing human life and subverted social manifestation.

YoungOptics Public Relationship
YoungOptics Public Relationship

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Join Us, Immediate Growth!

Do you expect to join us as an optical expert in the new generation? You are welcomed to visit our Website, 104 HR Service and Contact Taiwan Websites for the updated detailed recruiting information. We sincerely look forward to your participation with the courage to face challenge and self-exploration and jointly create better future for the world. Young Optics elite team welcomes you!


We Honor and Advocate Mutual Trust and Collective Advancement

Reverently welcoming the participation of Young Optics investors! As a professional optics integrator, we always treat customer’s requirement as an ultimate mission and insist on every stable step, providing you with security and reliability. You may review the following financial reports and other relevant major information for better understanding operating system of Young Optics and the service items we provided.