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ISO/TS 16949 Certified
Develop lens for AR & VR application successfully
2015/12Develop 2D circuit board solder paste inspector system successfully
2015/12Develop high lumen formatter board for laser light source successfully
2015/11Develop & delivery HUD combiner successfully
2015/08Develop de-centering ≦2μm molding lens successfully
2015/06 Develop projection display control unit of HUD successfully
2015/05ISO/TS 16949 (Letter of Conformance) Certified
2015/04Develop projection display control unit of merchandise indicator successfully
2015/04Develop Bi-Conic molding lens successfully
2015/03Develop slim rear projection engine with auto-color management successfully
2015/03Develop high output 405nm UV curing 1080P 3D printer engine successfully
Develop 16M fix focus and wide angle (FOV145°) sport camera module successfully
2014/12Develop 720P auto-focus zoom lens successfully
2014/10Develop 150lm head up display PGU successfully
2014/10Develop video wall 3D formatter board successfully
2014/10Develop 3X dual lens optical zoom focus image algorithm successfully
2014/10Develop hand held lens metal parts turning process successfully
2014/10Develop hand held lens injection mold successfully
2014/09Develop 1080P projection lens (TR :0.3) successfully
2014/05Develop free form mold extra-precision turning and measurement technology successfully
Develop 5X Zoom ( TR : 0.563) lens successfully
2013/11Develop auto focus 3M 5X Zoom lens successfully
2013/11Develop Editorial 3D software model successfully
2013/11ANSI ESD S20.20 Certified
2013/08Develop Editorial 3D software model successfully
2013/06Develop 1080P 1.7X Zoom lens successfully
2013/04Develop 5M 3X Zoom lens successfully
Develop pico engine w/ 17。TRP DMD successfully
2012/11Develop automative assembly of zoom projecton lens successfully
2012/11Develop projection reactive to touch and gesture successfully
2012/10Develop and delivery 8M 3X Prism type lens successfully
2012/09Devliery AVM successfully
2012/08Develop and delivery WXGA wide angle (TR : 0.52) successfully
2012/08Develop personal SLA 3D printer successfully
2012/07Develop auto optical inspection (AOI) successfully
2012/06Develop and delivery 5M Fix lens camera successfully
2012/05Develop 2M 10X image lens module successfully
2012/04Develop and delivery XGA Wide Angle projection lens successfully
2012/04Develop 2M 3X image lens module successfully
Develop event data recorder successfully
2011/11Develop mini-cube engine successfully
2011/10Develop AVM system successfully
2011/10Develop & delivery >18 lm/W 0.3” WVGA engine successfully
2011/08Develop & delivery high lumen(750Lm) LED light engine successfully
2011/07Develop auto-assemble equipment successfully
2011/05Develop & devliery 2M fix fish eye lens successfully
2011/05Develop & delivery projection lens (500Lm) successfully
2011/05Develop & delivery projection lens (TR:0.617 & 0.674) successfully
2011/05Develop projection lens (TR:0.375)successfully
2011/03Develop & delivery 2M 3X image lens successfully
2011/03Reduce capital to 1140 million NT
Move to new site
2010/11Develop event data recorder lens (mega pixels )successfully
2010/11Develop projection lens (TR:0.3)successfully
2010/10Develop document camera successfully
2010/09Develop >8 lm/W nHD pico engine successfully
2010/08Develop CCA automaticallly successfully
2010/06Develop CCA automaticallly successfully
2010/05Develop micro photograph lens successfully
2010/04Board approved Captial increased by Cash , NT 1500 Millions
2010/04Board approved new site buying
2010/03Develop 2D barcode lens successfully
2010/02Develop 0.3" Pico projection module successfully
Develop 10x digitial camera w/ pico projection successfully
2009/11Develop ultra-short throw projection lens successfully
2009/10Produce & delivery high lumen(>11Lm/W) pico-engine successfully
2009/10Develop LED module robotization process successfully
2009/09Develop high lumen (700Lm)LED light engine successfully
2009/09Develop gob molding technology successfully
2009/08Develop multi-group suspension lens successfully
2009/05Develop total reflection mirror & lens successfully
2009/05Develop laser light combination & lighting module successfully
2009/03Develop dual-Lamp base light engine successfully
Change Aptek Optical Corp. into Rays Optics Inc.
2008/12Build 1.3 mega pixels image lens technology successfully
2008/11Build super thin display w/ integrated optical touch technology successfully
2008/11Produce & deliver pico-projection light engine successfully
2008/11Develop high lumen LED light engine successfully
2008/09Develop utra short throw light engine successfully
2008/09Build IR con-focal projection & image technology successfully
2008/06Develop high vari-focal & continous focus camera modules successfully
2008/01Acquired Aptek Optical Corp. 100% shares
Develop auto zoom (3X) camera lens technology successfully
2007/11IECQ HSPM QC080000 certified
2007/11Build pico-projection light engine technology successfully
2007/10Produce & delivery high multiple (35X) image lens successfully
2007/09Build thin type ligh engine technology successfully
2007/03Produce & deliver high resolution, 1080P(SXGA+), light engine successfully .
2007/011'st one to go public in 2007, priced its share at NT45
2007/01Process SPO w/ NT92,460,000, ttl paid-in capital NT835,816,140
#101 in growth out of Deloitte Technology Fast 500
2006/11TWSE(Taiwan Stock Exchange ) approved for going public
2006/11#23 in sales growth & #40 in profit growth out of Deloitte Technology Fast 50
2006/09Capital, NT141,591,640, increased by earnings & empolyee bonus recapitalization. TTL paid-in capital NT 743,356,140
2006/09Produce & deliver high resolution, 1080P(xHD5), light engine successfully .
2006/09ISO14001 Certified
2006/06Re-election of direcotrs & supervisors
2006/01Produce & deliver high resolution, 720P(HD5), light engine successfully .
GTSM IPO filling
2005/11Increase capital to 601 million NT
2005/09SFB approved for publication and circulation.
2005/08Increase capital to 571 million NT.
2005/05Ranked 308th in 2004 for top 1000 Manufacture in Taiwan by business weekly magazine.
Ranked 4th in the fastest growing company in Taiwan by business weekly magazine. Ranked 5th in ROE among the top 1000 manufacturer in Taiwan by business weekly magazine.
2005/01Establish Young Optics Inc. USA.
Divided Young Optics Inc. into two business units, Light engine business unit and Optical components business unit.
2004/01Increase capital to 369 million NT.
Mass production of Optical components and optical engines in
KunShan, China.
2003/10ISO9001 certified
2003/08Establish Young Optics (Suzhou) CO., LTD through Masterview Enterprises Limited and Best Alpha Investments Limited.
2003/01Introduce first Projection Lens for front projector.
Taiwan’s first 720P DLP optical light engine.
2002/02Young Optics Inc. established with capital of 230 million NT. Specialize in optical component and optical engine design and manufacturing.

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