Intellectual Property Management System

To consolidate the position in this industry and protect the R&D achievements, Young Optics has stipulated the intellectual Property Management System. We integrate the goals of corporate operation and development of technical research to create the actual value of intellectual property. In addition, we also strengthen the competitive advantage and ensure the stability of corporate operation.

Implementation Progress of Intellectual Property Management

‧In 2015, we built up the E-system to evaluate patents.
‧In 2016, we set the patent management and incentive policy.
‧In 2017, we set the electronic application system and patent self-protection system
‧In 2018, we set up the management plans for the important technical patents.
‧In 2019, we set the encryption system to protect trade secrets.
‧In 2020, we set the countermeasures against the intrusion from China to protect the patents.
‧In 2021, we set the patent information to assist the R&D planning of manufacturing process.

Achievements of Intellectual Management

Intellectual Property

Patent number of global application 1,133
number of global right 697
Trademark number of global application 10
number of global right 6
Trade Secret 22,631
*The date as of 30th September, 2021