Technology Licensing and Collaboration with frontrunner, DigiLens Power a new breed of Helmt Devices

The waveguide lenses independently produced by Young Optics integrating pico-projector light engine achieve the FOV (Field of View) of 25 degrees, maximum brightness up to 5000 nits, the excellent optical performance power a new breed of helmet type near-eye optics(Auguement Reality) applications , achieving satisfactory outstanding performance in areas including motorbikes, bicycles, engineering application or various outdoor exercises. Key optical component, HOEs (Holographical Optical Elements), function by diffraction of light from a generalized grating structure with nonuniform groove spacing, HOE has a high diffraction efficiency and a narrow-band frequency characteristic , as well as have advantages of being cost effective (due to their simple design, small size, low weight) and are easily reproducible by embossing polymer materials. They are wavelength selective and have a high diffraction efficiency, corresponding to large apertures of conventional lenses.


Design Parameters MUD 1
Field of View AR Display FOV 25° Diagonal /User unobscured FOV 105°
Focal Distance 3 m – infinity
Eye Box Size 16 mm V x 10 mm H (18.9 mm diagonal).
Image Resolution nHD (640 x 360).
Eye Relief 27 mm (Compatible with Eyeglass Use)
Inter-Pupillary Distance (IPD) Nominally 64 mm. Small IPD adjustment provided.
Color Full Color RGB
Brightness (at the eye box) 5,000 nits (Typical)
Sequential Contrast > 150:1 (design goal: > 200:1).
Operating Temperature 0°C - +50°C.
HUD Substrate Thickness 2 mm.
Image Projector Size 20 mm x 20 mm x 10 mm.

Monocular HMD
Monocular HMD
Monocular HMD

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