Numerous Plastic Injection
Variety Accelerates Customer Demands
  • One-stop shop solutions from CAE / mold design and lens mockup to mass production
  • We make good services in professional ,fast-delivery , fine quality and highly customized lens
  • We are capable of producing various types of optical lens with Ø 2mm ~ 330mm * 110mm
  • Injection Size Capability : diameter Ø < 10mm , PV < 1um, D / T < 2um
Diameter <Ø10mm Ø10mm~Ø15mm Ø15mm~Ø25mm Ø25mm~Ø50mm >Ø50mm
Profile error(PV) <1um <1.5um <3um <10um <25um
Decenter <2um <2.5um <5um <8um <15um
Center thickness tolerance <±5um <±10um <±20um