Quality Coatings Provide Superior Performance
  • We offer best-in-class performance products, not only able to meet the requirement of customer applications,but also reasonable leverage between performance and cost .Thin film coatings have many different characteristics which are leveraged to alter or improve some element of the substrate performance, YoungOptics offers different technologies and methods that can be used to apply thin film coatings。
Technologies : E-beam evaporation ,Ion assisted deposition (IAD),Magnetron sputtering
  • Size Capability : 3mm ~ 200mm
  • Wideband Coating Capability : 250nm ~ 2500nm
  • Coating Layer : 100+ Layer
  • Application Fields :
    • Anti-reflection (AR) Coating – single-layer coating, wideband multi-layer coating, ultra-low reflective coating for laser and LED, AR / AR + AF protective lens.
    • Half Mirror – head up display (HUD), augmented reality (AR), and Google Glasses.
    • Beamsplitter – polarizing beamsplitter, non-polarizing beamsplitter.
    • Prism – total reflection prism, polarizing cube beamsplitter.
    • Filter – dichronic filter, RGB filter, narrow bandpass filter, multiple bandpass filter, UV / IR cut filter, night vision filter, hard resin lens coating.
    • Mirror – metal coating with enhanced protective layer and increased reflectivity such as Al-coating, Ag-coating, and Cr-coating, IR cut filter, IR pass filter, and multi-layer dielectric AR coating.
    • Customized optical coating in various applications of UV, visible, and IR bands.