Projection Optics

Young Optics focus on optical technology development to provide high quality and cost efficient solution of optical components and engines for various projection application.

Young Optics can support both ODM and OEM business models to provide from individual component to optical engine, and is proud of being able to reach high volume manufacturing in limited time.


With solid experience in projection optics, Young Optics achieved big size (>60”), Full HD (1080p), high contrast (10,000:1) and 3D compatible projection display unit successfully. POBU also devote in evaluating different light sources to maintain leading position and succeed in commercializing high power Laser and LED for long life, high image quality projection unit, and launched the first high power Laser HDTV in 2008 and the first high power LED Video Wall in 2009.

Based on short-throw rear projection technology, Young Optics developed and produced an optical light engine with the shortest throw ratio (0.12) in the world, launched in 2009. It can project 87” screen size by 26cm projection distance with big size aspherical lenses and is free form mirror and glass molding technology.

Young Optics design, manufacture and sell the products as:

  1. Optical Engine:Laser Optical Engine、LED Optical Engine、Lamp Optical Engine。
  2. Component:Color Wheel、Integration Rod、Projection Lens、Prism、X-plate、Glass Lens、Mirror、Filter。
  3. Custom-made service for Optical Engine and Component

Based on comprehensive optics technology and Field Lens Architecture Licenses, Young Optics will continue to provide the most compact, short-throw and Eco products in the future.


Color WheelX Plate Modules

RodUV/IR Filters, MirrorTIR Prism

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