Key Technology

The feature of related spectrum is to minimize the transmission of unused light bands.


Applied in various optical systems with the function in filtering light source band to achieve the purpose of protecting optical system and design application.

What We Achieved :

Category Description
Material Glass, Eagle XG, or equivalent
Thickness 0.7, 1.1 mm, and others
Dimension Customized
Specturm Slope T (10%) - T (90%) < 15~20 nm;
Tavg > 95% for λ1~λ-15 nm;
Tavg < 1% for λ+15 nm~λ2;
T50% = λ +/- 5 nm (+/-2 nm minima);
Temperature Resistance < 400 °C
Remark * In-house glass polishing
* Robust Ag metal and dielectric surface coating

Color Filter
Color Filter