Key Technology

It comprises HR mirrors, homogenizing the lights using multiple internal reflections which enables the emitted visible lights with homogeneous and accurate projection, preventing optical engine system from the problem of uneven brightness in light path.


Primarily applied in optical engine systems using uneven light source such as DLP® projection system.

What We Achieved :

Category Description
Shape Rectangular;
Tapered hollow;
Dimension Customized
Precision Assembly Tolerance +/- 0.07 C9 mm
Spectrum Ag Coating, AOI = 45;
Ravg > 98% at 20~680 nm;
Rabs > 96% at 440~660 nm;
Dielectric Coating, AOI = 75;
Ravg > 97% at 20~680 nm;
Rabs > 95% at 440~660 nm;
Temperature Resistance of Coating Surface Ag Coating: < 200 °C
Dielectric Coating: < 400 °C
Remark * In-house cutting
* Advanced step-cutting for enhanced assy. Structure
* Jig designed for various customized dimensions

Glass Light Tunnel
Glass Light Tunnel
Glass Light Tunnel