Key Technology

A combination of two laminated prisms, a TIR prism effectively directing the incident light to DMD chip, the expected image is projected following the light beam reflected by DMD chip.


Applied in DLP® projection system, light path is changed by using TIR to save the space in optical engine and enhance contrast level of the system.

What We Achieved :

Category Description
Material N-BK7, H-K9L or equivalent
Dimension Customized
Spectrum Customized
Total Internal Reflection Prism
AOI on surface B Wavelength(nm) (average)
0∘ 420mm~670mm >93%
8∘ 420mm~670mm >95%
12∘ 420mm~670mm >96%
-8∘ 420mm~670mm >76%
Air Gap 10 +/- 2 μ , 5 +/- 2 μ or 3 +/- 2 μ
Operating Temperature 0 ~ 85°C
Remark * In-house black-painting
* Excellent parallelism control
* Precise gluing and cementing technique
* Excellent transmittance performance at required AOI angle

Totally Reflecting Prisms