Key Technology

It comprises several film filters with fixed angles and DC motor, sequentially filtering the light source into the primary colors such as RGB, etc., using its feature of rotating at high speed.


Applied in projection systems such as DLP®, using the feature of fast filtering to perform superposition for primary colors such as RGB to produce the levels in projected image.

What We Achieved :

Category Description
Motor Type 12 poles, 3 phases, brush less,
outer rotor sensor less DC motor
Outer Diameter 35 ~ 92 mm color ring load size
Color Segment 3 ~ 8 sequential
Ratational Speed Customize for 7,200, 9,000, 10,800 & 14,400 rpm
Operating Temperature -5 ~ 85° C
Life L1 27,000 hrs@7200 rpm ~ 20,000 hrs@10,800 rpm
Remark * BrilliantColor™ Technology
* DVE color to enhance deep gray color level 
* Patented 1-plane & 2-plane unbalancing technique
* Flexible dichroic coating to match customized color
* Precise round-out and filter plane flatness management
* Superior noise performance with refined assy. jig & handling

Color Wheel
Color Wheel
Color Wheel