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What We Achieved :

  • High Brightness : Brightness> 2000 lm / 125 Lux
  • High Resolution : > 1152 x 576 pixels

DLP Head Lamp - User Scenario

  • 1152 x 576 pixels, for Adaptive Driving Beam
  • Glare-free Beam Steering / Pedestrian Dimming
  • Augmented Night Vision / Structure Light Projection
  • Animation / Fully Programmable

DLP Head Lamp - User Scenario

YOI DLP HL Module 

* All glass design
* Standard Module with EE interface
* Thermal Solution can be customized for diff. system

Light Source White Light LED
(automotive grade)
Display TI DLP 5531
Resolution 1152x576
DMD operation temp. -40~105deg
Projection Distance 25m
FOV 14deg(H)x 7deg(V)
IIIuminance ~125Lux
Size 80x80x135
WxHxD in mm

DLP Digital Headlamp Module - Electrical and Electronical Parameters

Topic Requirement Remarks
Pixel resolution =/< 1152 x 1152 Supported video resolutions:
1152 x 1152
1152 x 576
576 x 288
Video Interface/ Color Resolution 24 bit TTL/ OPEN LDI/8 Bit depth TBC (Prefer to OpenLDI / APiX2)
Communication Interfaces SPI /I²C (3,3V logic level) Possible Interfaces for reprogramming and control functionality respectively configuration
Software ALL SW content has to be reprogrammable via SPI or I²C  
Voltage 5.5 ~ 18V Battery Voltage during Operation
Qualification HW: AEC-Q100, -Q101, -Q200 Automotive Components
Max. Power Consumption TBC Maximum Power Consumption for DLP System,including cooling measures and Backlighting

Smart Head Lamp